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Photo by Matt Warner

Will Pedicone is a singer/songwriter from Upstate New York. His sound might be best described as somewhere between folk and country, with a style somewhere between James Taylor, Jack Johnson, Zach Bryan, and Zac Brown.

Will grew up in the suburbs of Albany, New York, in a medium-sized town called Niskayuna. Feeling disconnected from most of the music of the day, Will had to rely on jam bands and oldies to fill that void growing up. It wasn't until he started working a blue collar job in the summers after high school that he got introduced to the world of country music. Between the atmosphere of live shows, the common values with so many of the people there, and songs with lyrics he could actually connect to, Will felt right at home. His musical taste and influence has been skewing more in the country direction ever since.

Will started out influenced by artists such as Billy Joel, John Fogerty (CCR), John Denver, James Taylor, and Jack Johnson. In recent years, he's been influenced by artists such as Eric Church, Luke Combs, Zac Brown, Zach Bryan, and Oliver Anthony, among others.

Will has recently made the City of Watervliet, NY his home, having rehabbed an old house to use as his home base while he slowly spreads out around the country, playing his music for new ears.

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